3 Tips to Manage Your Unanswered Q&A

  • August 8, 2018
  • Cyrus Cheung
  • novahowtoguide

Have you ever attended a conference which is so great that you can’t help but to raise your hand and ask a question? Well, we all do. But sadly with limited time and crammed programme schedule, these questions are often remained unanswered.

With the live Q&A module of our novacast platform, all of the audience questions will be archived for your review, you can easily turn them into valuable assets and continue the discussion after the event.

#2 Answer Them On Social Media

Share the Q&A monthly, weekly, or even daily! Make short Q&A post from the unanswered questions as part of your content marketing routine to boost post-event engagement.

#3 Utilize them for your next conference

Sometime it is these interesting questions from the crowd that opens up new perspectives. With question archives, you can dig into all these questions and look for what audience would like to know more.

Taking a step further, you can develop a theme/agenda (or even an entirely new session!) that audience can engage in, relate to, and most importantly, fall in love with.