How Can Events Cope With The Next Typhoon Mangkhut?

  • October 7, 2018
  • Cyrus Cheung
  • novahowtoguide

“I don’t get ready, I stay ready.” – said someone anonymous

You’ve been planning an event a year long. You’ve got everything perfectly in place and audiences flying all-the-way from aboard. The day of the event finally comes and, whoops – it’s typhoon signal 10.

Ever happened to you? Typhoon Mangkhut may have come and gone, but what can you actually do to prepare for bad weather on event date? 

Explore what can our live webcasting platform do for your events below and be prepared for whatever comes when planning an event.

#1 Regardless of Time and Space

Live streaming simply allows you to reach your audiences regardless of time and space. It gives access to audiences who wouldn’t have otherwise participated in the events; similarly during bad weathers where audiences have difficulties to reach the event venue, they can simply sit back, relax and participate your event online.

#2 Audience Interactions

The Q&A Chatbox opens the possibility for international audiences to participate. It allows audiences to interact and submit questions from home, and most importantly to engage in the content where you can more effectively tell your brand’s story.

#3 Take Advantage Of Post-Event Archive

Now you have all live-stream videos recorded and uploaded, take advantage of these content for SEO & marketing purposes, making your content accessible for others and grow your web & social media presence.

Leverage these perks of live webcasting to help more audience to connect to your events anytime, anywhere. And as usual, feel free to contact us to get to know more about NOVA’s Live Webcasting!